Should You Tip Your Tattoo Artist?

The overall price of getting a tattoo is incredibly expensive. Most artists will go upward of a hundred dollars an hour, and there are even those like Ami James who range around five hundred dollars.

That’s why most people do not consider the value of giving a good tip to a tattoo artist. In truth, the cost of your tattoo only covers that of the ink used (and lost once the cap is thrown out), the disposable needle, the paper towels, the gloves, and sterilization equipment and solutions, etc. At the end of the day, your artist doesn’t necessarily get that much out of the tattoo. Not only this; but in the summer there is most likely an air conditioner running full-time and in the winter, there are most likely heaters available because tattoo ink must be stored at a specific temperature.

Most of the time, a tattoo artist will not ask for a tip but maybe he or she will have a tip jar at the front desk or when you’re going to pay for your tattoo, throw in an extra $20. A small tip goes a long way and it shows that you appreciate the job well done!



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